Vivid Audio

Vivid Audio began in 2004, with Laurence Dickie of B&W Nautilus fame as a co-founder and chief designer. Everything from the cabinet to the driver technology has been conceived of from the ground up, and the result is a uniquely high-end loudspeaker that provides exceptional clarity in a beautiful enclosure that is consistently praised by reviewers and audiophiles around the world.

giya range

GIYA G1 Spirit GIYA G1 Spirit $105,550 GIYA G2 Series 2 GIYA G2 Series 2 $61,000 GIYA G3 Series 2 GIYA G3 Series 2 $47,800 GIYA G4 Series 2 GIYA G4 Series 2 $37,800

kaya range

KAYA K90 KAYA K90 $31,000 KAYA K45 KAYA K45 $21,000 KAYA K25 KAYA K25 $12,300 KAYA S12 KAYA S12 $7,700 KAYA C35 KAYA C35 $10,000