Devialet was founded in 2007 by Quentin Sannié, Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, and Emmanuel Nardin. Toegether the three of them have built a business built on innovation, breakthrough technologies, and high-end design. With over 60 international awards and more than 100 patents, Devialet has become the world's most critically acclaimed audio company for outstanding sound and advanced technology.

expert pro

Expert 140 Pro Expert 140 Pro 2x 140W 6Ω
Expert 220 Pro Expert 220 Pro 2x 220W 6Ω
Expert 250 Pro Expert 250 Pro 2x 250W 6Ω
Expert 210 Pro Dual Expert 210 Pro Dual 2x 210W 6Ω
Expert 440 Pro Dual Expert 440 Pro Dual 2x 440W 6Ω
Expert 1000 Pro Dual Expert 1000 Pro Dual 2x 1000W 6Ω

phantom speakers

Phantom II 95dB Phantom II 95dB 95dB 600W
Phantom II 98dB Phantom II 98dB 98dB 900W
Phantom I 103dB Phantom I 103dB 103dB 2000W
Phantom I 108dB Phantom I 108dB 108dB 4500W


Gold Phantom Gold Phantom 108dB 4500W


Dione Dione Atmos Soundbar