Devialet Phantom II 98dB

Phantom II 98dB
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Phantom II delivers the incredible full-range sound of the Phantom connected speaker in an even smaller enclosure. Capable of intense, clear, and accurate sound, the Phantom Reactor redefines unreasonable.

Active Digital Hybrid (ADH®) was invented by Devialet to drive speakers with a class A voltage amplifier in parallel with class D current amplifiers. The result is high linearity and refinement found in class A with the power and compactness found in class D.

The Heart Bass Implosion (HBI®) acoustic architecture was engineered to provide incredible bass response from a compact form factor. Symmetrically opposed subwoofers work in tandem to provide extreme air displacement with minimal distortion. Internal pressures comparable to a rocket launch are completely contained within the hermetically sealed enclosure.

Speaker Active Matching (SAM®) is used to synchronize your music to the exact specifications of the Phantom speaker, resulting in perfect temporaly alignment and low-frequency extension without distortion.

Active Cospherical Engine (ACE®) refers to the Phantom's unique design inspired by Olson's pulsating sphere principle. The concentric tweeter and midrange blend seamlessly into the curved surface of the Phantom and side-firing subwoofers for balanced, multi-dimensional sound regardless of your listening position.

The EVO® platform is a unique architecture that ensures your Phantom will always support the latest features and upgrades. Key functions such as power conversion and core management are software controlled. Firmware upgrades are always free.

Speakers sold individually. Optional stands and physical sold separately. Available in iconic white or matte black finish.