Devialet Dione

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The Dione 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos full-range soundbar is an engineering marvel featuring a total of seventeen high-end drivers (8 subwoofer, 5 main, 4 ceiling) in a unique configuration suitable for both tabletop and wall-mount positioning. The unique ORB® allows you to aim the center channel at your listening position regardless of your room layout.

Automatic room calibration using four built-in microphones adapts to your room to provide optimal sound. The Intelligence Processor incorporates several Devialet technologies (ADH®, SAM®, Magic Wire, ADE) for pristine high-quality audio reproduction.

The proprietary SPACE™ DSP actively upscales any stereo 2.0 signal into 5.1.2. Movie, music, spatial, and voice modes are provided to optimize playback based on our content. And the Adaptive Volume Level (AVL™) dynamic equalizer ensures you can hear both whispers and explosions with clarity and ease.

Setup and control is simple and convenient using the Devialet App available for both iOS and Android devices. Supports both tabletop/shelf and wall-mount placement.