Audeze revolutionized the headphone industry when they released their original planar magnetic LCD-1 headphone, bringing updated technology into the traditional casual headphone market. Since then, the high-end headphone industry has exploded and Audeze continues to be a leader in headphone technology innovation.

Audeze CRBN CRBN Revolutionary Electrostatic Audeze LCD-5 LCD-5 Ultimate Planar Magnetic Audeze LCD-4z LCD-4z Low-z Extreme Audeze LCD-MX4 LCD-MX4 Studio Reference Audeze LCD-3 LCD-3 High-Performance Audeze MM-500 MM-500 Studio Reference Audeze LCD-XC LCD-XC Closed Back Audeze LCD-X LCD-X Reference-Level Audeze LCD-GX LCD-GX Gaming Audeze LCD-2 LCD-2 The Original Audeze LCD-2 Closed LCD-2 Closed Original Closed Audeze LCD-2 Closed LCD-2 Classic Classic LCD Audeze MM-100 MM-100 Portable Studio Audeze Maxwell Maxwell Wireless Gaming Audeze Euclid Euclid Closed In-Ear Audeze LCD-i4 LCD-i4 Ultimate In-Ear Audeze LCD-i3 LCD-i3 Superior In-Ear