Audeze CRBN

CRBN $4500

The Audeze CRBN (pronounced carbon) is a breakthrough electrostatic design originally developed for use in MRI medical applications. Featuring a new polymer film with suspended carbon nanotubes, the problems associated with traditional lamination and deposition are completely avoided.

Compared to traditional electrostatic designs, the charge held in the carbon nanotubes will not migrate and guarantees a uniform distribution across the entire surface of the diaphragm. This ensures extremely low distortion, and a material that immune to the elements and will not degrade over time.

The high-efficiency afforded by the carbon nanotubes allows for a larger separation between stator and diaphragm, which means higher excursion and a lower resonant frequency is possible. This translates into excellent bass response down to 20Hz without compromising the treble.

The stator perforations are optimized for high frequency extension and an open airy sound. The super lightweight diaphragm allows for extremely fast acceleration. A special edge-damping technique is used to further reduce distortion and smooth the frequency and phase response. The CRBN is transparent and highly resolving across the entire spectrum, with extreme clarity and unmatched electrostatic bass response.

2.5mm OCC monocrystal copper, 5-pin Stax Pro Bias attached cable. Premium leather earpads. Carbon fiber and premium leather headband. A compatible electrostatic amplifier, like those manufactuered by Stax, must be used.

All CRBN headphones are made to order. You will be notified of the lead time if we do not have a unit already in stock.