Magico MXO

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The MXO active analog crossover is a standalone version of the crossover originally designed for the flagship Magico M9 loudspeaker. With a fixed 55Hz high/low pass implementation, this crossover allows for transparent integration of a subwoofer into your 2-channel system.

The highest quality precision parts are used for an extremely low noise floor, extended signal bandwidth, and ultra-linear response. Software driven relays are used for independent volume control with a design that ensures constant output impedance. The modular design allows for future filter topologies or upgrades.

An external power supply features oversized power transformers, and regenerates AC with active regulation with separate outputs for digital, left analog, and right analog circuitry.Compatible with any combination of speakers and subwoofer, not limited to Magico.


  • dual mono, fully-balanced design
  • ±12dB volume control in 0.5dB steps per channel, per line
  • 0°/180° phase control, per output