Magico M9

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The M9 is the ultimate Magico speaker incorporating all of the latest technological advances. This four-way, six-driver loudspeaker system establishes a new summit for musicality, transparency, and fidelity.

A revolutionary enclosure of inner and outer carbon fiber skins with an aluminum honeycomb core is incredibly light and incredibly stiff. Constrained layer damping using aerospace composites, a 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum baffle with front-to-back tensioning rods, and finite element analysis modeling results in a speaker that completely vanishes.

The M9 drivers feature Magico's eighth-generation Nano-Tec design with graphene/carbon fiber skins and an aluminum honeycomb core. The resulting stiffness places resonant frequencies far beyond the audible range and brings the driver even closer to pure pistonic motion.

All drivers incorporate very large underhung voice coils and oversized neodymium magnets to maintain a consistent and prodigious magnetic flux over the full excursion length for the ultimate in linearity and minimum audible distortion. Vented pure titanium formers provide for faster dissipation of heat and greater control over the cone.


  • active 2-way crossover
  • passive 3-way elliptical symmetry crossover
  • carbon fiber aluminum honeycomb core enclosure
  • underhung voice coils
  • oversized neodymium magnets
  • vented pure titanium formers
  • 1.1" diamond-coated beryllium tweeter
  • 6" gen 8 nano-tec aluminum honeycomb midrange
  • 11" gen 8 nano-tec aluminum honeycomb mid-bass (2x)
  • 15" gen 8 nano-tech aluminum honeycomb bass (2x)