P1 $10,000

The Lumin P1 is a network streamer, DAC, and pre-amplifier with HDMI input/output and home theater bypass. Perfect for use with a 2-channel reference system or as part of a larger surround sound system. It incorporates many of the same technologies found in the X1 network streaming DAC, with the addition of analog and digital inputs and built-in IR remote control.


  • home theater bypass
  • built-in remote control
  • dual ESS SABRE32 ES9028PRO
  • fully balanced layout
  • dual Lundahl LL7401 output transformers
  • femto clock with precision FPGA distribution
  • dual-toroidal power supply
  • separate digital and analog power circuitry
  • UPnP AV with audio streaming (OpenHome)
  • Apple AirPlay
  • Streaming: Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Qobuz, TuneIn Radio
  • MQA
  • native iOS and Android app
  • compatible with Windows / Mac UPnP players