JMF Audio

JMF Audio was created in 1985 by Jean-Marie Fusilier to produce state-of-the-art amplifiers, designed and handcrafted in France with a passion for high-fidelity music playback, later expanding to other audio components and cables. Their focus has been and continues to be on the best performance, with high output power, and a natural sound. All with one goal in mind: to serve the music.

Shortly after their introduction, JMF Audio products were picked up by René Zingg at Soundville studios (Lucerne, Switzerland) and Tom Hidley for Masterfonics (Nashville, USA) for their transparent, accurate, and faithful reproduction of music across the spectrum and regardless of genre. JMF Audio can now be found in studios around the world, many of which have produced some of the most famous and iconic music of our time.

With JMF Audio, you too can experience this masterclass in music within your own home. Contact us for more information or to schedule an audition.


HQS 9001 (pair) HQS 9001 (pair) 500W @ 8Ω Mono
HQS 7001 (pair) HQS 7001 (pair) 300W @ 8Ω Mono
HQS 6002 HQS 6002 220W @ 8Ω Stereo


PRS 1.5 PRS 1.5 Preamplifier

phono stages

PHS 7.3 PHS 7.3 Flagship Phono
PHS 7.2 PHS 7.2 Reference Phono

power filters

PCD 302 PCD 302 6 Cell Filter
PCD 102 PCD 102 2 Cell Filter


SR4 / SR8 SR4 / SR8 Speaker
$10,000 - $16,000
CM4 / CM8 CM4 / CM8 Interconnects
$6,000 - $9,000
PC3 PC3 Power