Model 30/2

Model 30/2
Model 30/2 MSRP $23,199.99 Contact us to order.

The SME Model 30/2 full-size flagship turntable providing unparalleled performance uncolored by external or internal mechanical and electrical vibrations. Germany's AUDIO referred to it as 'the best turntable of all time'.

The sub-chassis is suspended by 48 purpose moulded O-rings for mechanical isolation. Four fluid dampers, one in each supporting column, are used to counteract sub-chassis motion and prevent acoustic feedback. The fully machined platter features a diamond tuned surface with fine scroll finish and a large diameter record clamp for exceptional record stability.

The external moter is a 3-phase brushless design containing 8-pole Neodymium magnets and 3 Hall effect sensors for accurate and precise microprocessor-controlled speed without imparting any mechanical noise. Fine pitch ±0.01% adjustments are easily made.

Available with the Series V tonearm which a single piece pressure die cast magnesium arm tube and has been referred to as the best tonearm in the world. Also available in special chrome or gold finish at extra charge.