Model 10

Model 10
Model 10 MSRP $4,999.99 Contact us to order.

The SME Model 10 provides the high quality performance and excellence found in all SME turntables at a more affordable price.

Three large adjustable isolation feet on a trilateral sub-chassis provide mechanical isolation without the use of the floating O-rings found on other SME turntables. The fully machined platter features a diamond turned surface with fine scroll finish and a large diameter record clamp for exceptional record stability.

The external moter is a 3-phase brushless design containing 8-pole Neodymium magnets and 3 Hall effect sensors for accurate and precise microprocessor-controlled speed without imparting any mechanical noise. Fine pitch ±0.01% adjustments are easily made.

Available with the Model 10 tonearm, derived from the Model 309 tonearm. The Model 10 tonearm features a single piece pressure die cast magnesium arm tube with detachable magnesium headshell for azimuth adjustment.