Ortofon Cartridges

Ortofon's analogue cartridges are considered among the most accurate and precise cartridges available today. With a wide selection at all price points, there is an Ortofon cartridge perfect for you.

All cartridges may be purchased online when bundled with a turntable. Individual cartridges may be purchased by contacting us directly.


MC Diamond MC Diamond $9999 MC Verismo MC Verismo $6999 MC Windfeld Ti MC Windfeld Ti $5459 MC A Mono MC A Mono $5039

MC Cadenza

Cadenza Black Cadenza Black $2879 Cadenza Bronze Cadenza Bronze $2399 Cadenza Blue Cadenza Blue $2039 Cadenza Red Cadenza Red $1379 Cadenza Mono Cadenza Mono $1379

MC Quintet

Quintet Black S Quintet Black S $999 Quintet Bronze Quintet Bronze $719 Quintet Blue Quintet Blue $479 Quintet Red Quintet Red $359 Quintet Mono Quintet Mono $503


2M Black LVB 2M Black LVB $999 2M Black 2M Black $695 2M Bronze 2M Bronze $419 2M Blue 2M Blue $239 2M Red 2M Red $99 2M Mono 2M Mono $378 2M 78 2M 78 $138