Magico S5 MkII

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The S5 MkII is a full-range 3-way loudspeaker featuring technology distilled from the engineering research of the S7. 1/2" thick aluminum curved side panels with significant internal bracing minimizes resonances for distortion-free playback. The enclosure is supported by a four-point outrigger.

The diamond-coated beryllium tweeter was designed using finite element analysis modeling tools to optimize high-frequency reproduction. The midrange driver is constructed with a nanographene cone material for increased stifness yet reduced mass, and is housed in a sub-enclosure of proprietary polymer. The two bass drivers feature extremely powerful magnets and ultra-stiff aluminum cones.

The Elliptical Symmetry Crossover featuring components from Mundorf of Germany maximizes frequency bandwidth while preserving phase linearity and minimizing intermodulation distortion.

Available in M-Cast and M-Coat finishes. Compatible with SPOD-8.


  • 1" diamond-coated beryllium tweeter
  • 6" graphene midrange
  • 10" aluminum bass (2x)