Magico S3

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The new Magico S3 features a new enclosure, new drivers, and a new coupling system with advances carried down from the flagship M9 loudspeaker. The S3 is a 3-way design constructed from four 1/2" to 2" thick extruded aluminum panels to minimize enclosure impact on the sound. A new top plate is curved and angled to reduce enclosure diffraction and break up vertical standing waves. A three-point outrigger with new foot design lowers the center of gravity and increases stability.

The diamond-coated beryllium tweeter has increased in diameter, a new back chamber, and precise integration with the curved front baffle allows for greater power handling and even lower distortion. The midrange and bass drivers all feature aluminum honeycomb cores sandwiched between graphene and carbon fiber. Coupled with further improvements in driver technology, output has increased and distortion is further reduced.

Available in Softec and High Gloss finishes.


  • 1.1" diamond-coated beryllium tweeter
  • 5" graphene nano-tec midrange
  • 9" graphene nano-tec bass (2x)