Magico MRACK

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The MRACK was originally designed for Magico's internal R&D use, and is now available to the public. Based on resonance control and energy dissipation research gained during development of the Q and M platforms and POD products, each shelf and the side-struts are constructed from five layers of constrained-layer-damped (CLD) aluminum, copper, and ISODAMP elastomer. Four MPODs are used to couple with the floor. This combination captures and dissipates any energy passing through into heat.

A copper grounding rod that can be connected to an external ground is provided to separately ground any components that may benefit. Two sets of cable management pathways are included to help organize cabling and reduce tension on connections.

Available in 3-shelf and 4-shelf versions.


  • constrained-layer-damped construction
  • copper grounding rod
  • cable management
  • adjustable middle shelves
  • black anodized finish