Magico ACC

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The Magico ACC is a 3-way center channel featuring four reference quality drivers in a classic configuration for clear and articulate surround sound reproduction of movies and music.

The fully braced sealed enclosure constructed from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum results minimzies resonances and distortion. The beryllium tweeter and carbon nanographene cones coupled with custom overhung neodynmium motor systems are optimized for ultra-low distortion and high power handling.

All four drivers are integrated using a proprietary 3-way Elliptical Symmetry Crossover featuring components from Mundorf of Germany to preserve phase linearity and minimize intermodulation distortion.

Available in black brushed aluminum.


  • 3-way elliptical symmetry crossover
  • 1.1" MB7 beryllium dome tweeter
  • 6" graphene nano tec midrange
  • 7" graphene nano tec bass (x2)