Dirac Live Room Correction Suite

Dirac Frequency Response Dirac Impulse Response Dirac Calibration Tool Dirac Processor Tool
Dirac v2.0 software coming soon.

The Dirac Live Room Correction Suite analyzes your entire audio chain from source to speakers and the room to correct and improve your sound. With Dirac Live RCS active, tonal balance, soundstage, clarity, and detail are all significantly improved. This is the final addition to your setup to address issues with your gear and room that cannot be corrected any other way.

We have tried many different room correction solutions and found Dirac Live RCS to perform the best. This technology is used in many of the best high-end luxury systems and digital cinema theaters. The resulting sound is more accurate and natural. Target your desired frequency response and correct your impulse response using the Calibration Tool. Tweak settings on the fly using the Processor Tool.

The software is available for Mac and Windows and requires a standard measurement microphone and sound card. Users who purchase through us receive 90 days of free email support from Neko Audio in addition to the standard support provided by Dirac.