Acoustic Zen Crescendo MkII

Crescendo MkII
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The Crescendo is a three-way full-range speaker featuring a 2" horn loaded ribbon tweeter, dual 5" midrange drivers, and dual 8" woofers in a transmission line design. This speaker is capable of filling larger rooms and effortlessly handling significant dynamics in music and movies.

Similar to the Adagios, the upper half of the Crescendos utilize a time-aligned D'Appolito MTM arrangement to provide incredibly coherent and life-like sound. The underhung drivers and ribbon tweeter provide for extremely accurate, low-distortion sound with incredible clarity and detail. The curved cabinet reduces enclosure resonance and the baffle geometry reduce diffraction artifacts.

The MkII version features larger magnet assemblies first used in the Maestro line to further improve driver linearity, and greater cabinet bracing to further reduce enclosure resonance.

As all Acoustic Zen speakers are perfectly matched, the Crescendo will provide a seamless soundstage when paired with any of its siblings.

Available in a variety of finishes including but not limited to Black Pearl, Maple Burl, Golden Burl, and Figured Red.