Acoustic Zen Adagio Junior

Adagio Junior
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The stand-mounted Adagio Junior is a two-way rear ported speaker featuring the same 1.5" circular ribbon tweeter and dual 6.5" midrange/woofer drivers found in the Adagio floorstanding speakers. Its small size makes this speaker extremely versatile and it is particularly well-suited for intimate two-channel listening.

The tweeter and drivers are time-aligned and utilize a D'Appolito MTM arrangement to provide incredibly coherent and life-like sound. The underhung drivers and ribbon tweeter provide for extremely accurate, low-distortion sound with incredible clarity and detail. The curved cabinet reduces enclosure resonance and the protuding baffles reduce diffraction artifacts.

This speaker also excels in a home theater setup as both mains and surrounds. Placed on its side the Adagio Junior serves as a crystal clear center channel. As all Acoustic Zen speakers are perfectly matched, the Adagio Junior will provide a seamless soundstage when paired with any of its larger siblings.

Available in a variety of finishes including but not limited to Black Pearl, Maple Burl, Golden Burl, and Figured Red. Optional Acoustic Zen Adagio Junior stands ($300/pair) are available.