Acoustic Zen Adagio

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The Adagio is a two-way transmission line design featuring a 1.5" circular ribbon tweeter and dual 6.5" midrange/woofer drivers. The larger cabinet and transmission line allows the Adagio to play lower than the Adagio Junior.

The tweeter and drivers are time-aligned and utilize a D'Appolito MTM arrangement to provide incredibly coherent and life-like sound. The underhung drivers and ribbon tweeter provide for extremely accurate, low-distortion sound with incredible clarity and detail. The curved cabinet reduces enclosure resonance and the protuding baffles reduce diffraction artifacts.

As all Acoustic Zen speakers are perfectly matched, the Adagio will provide a seamless soundstage when paired with any of its siblings.

Available in a variety of finishes including but not limited to Black Pearl, Maple Burl, Golden Burl, and Figured Red.