AC Infinity

Affordable and quiet cooling fan systems. The S-series are temperature-triggered speed controlled. The T-series are automatically adjust speed to the temperature. The X-series are for when maximum cooling is required.


Aircom S6 Aircom S6 $46.99 Aircom S7 Aircom S7 $39.99 Aircom S8 Aircom S8 $68.99 Aircom S9 Aircom S9 $62.99 Aircom T8 Aircom T8 $99.99 Aircom T9 Aircom T9 $99.99


Airplate S1 Airplate S1 $21.99 Airplate S2 Airplate S2 $26.99 Airplate S3 Airplate S3 $26.99 Airplate S5 Airplate S5 $28.99 Airplate S7 Airplate S7 $39.99 Airplate S9 Airplate S9 $51.99 Airplate T3 Airplate T3 $46.99 Airplate T7 Airplate T7 $64.99 Airplate T9 Airplate T9 $79.99 Thermal Controller Thermal Controller $36.99


Cloudplate T7 Cloudplate T7 $99.99 Cloudplate X7 Cloudplate X7 $99.99